Dictatorship in the UK?

I don’t like conspiracy theories and I feel uncomfortable jumping on the bandwagon of labelling everyone on the right wing fascists. But Boris Johnson’s actions are going from bad to worse (to put it mildly). Bear in mind this is a product of the most elite private school in the UK and the Oxford Bullingdon club, notorious for rich posh people behaving badly. It doesn’t inspire much confidence in the man’s commitment to the democracy he’s supposed to represent, does it? To my mind it spells out someone who is used to getting his own way. A product of an establishment that rides rough-shod over other people lives on a regular basis in the pursuit of its own needs. Witness Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament. This is the suspension of the democratically elected representatives of the people (a notion that I have problem with, but it’s still better than Mr Johnson) by a man who was given his job by Britain’s Conservative party. Not one of the UK’s electorate voted for him. It stinks of the actions of a dictator. I don’t say that lightly, but history is littered with examples of the same sort of actions by authoritative power hungry men (not to mention women). Ok, he’s determined to get Brexit through but the question nobody seems be asking is: what next? After Brexit, presuming he succeeds and stays in power, what is the next thing Boris is going to get determined about? And how far is he going to go to achieve it? Today I read about Sonia Khan (a Treasury special adviser), sacked because of a phone call she made and marched out of her office as a result by armed police. Does that make anyone else uncomfortable? I really hope so because this should all be sounding unpleasantly familiar for anyone with an interest in history.

Whose Finger on the Button?

My country is a nuclear poodle,

Waiting to bark,

At the blonde one’s order,

How long before we launch?


And the axis of ‘evil’,

Is terminated once and for all,

As the crusaders,

Fight to crush all the enemy have got,


Surely though ‘evil’,

Means different things,

When you’re sat in the the White House,

Not Tehran,


Imagine what they think,

When they see,

An American president inciting racial hatred,

On TV,


The problem with a nuclear bomb is,

You can’t send it back,

And the end result of that,

Is just rubble.

Tuvalu: Venice of the South Pacific — Quintessentialruminations

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