Migrants and the Disabled

Here we go its the endless migrant debate. The quick answer to this is ‘Go read a book on it,’ but ey seeing as opinions are like arseholes: everyone’s got one. I’m going to let one loose. What is a migrant?

Do you mean:

Someone that’s visiting here?

Someone that’s visiting here?

Someone who’s studying here?

Someone who’s got family here?

Maybe be you mean an asylum seeker?

Maybe, you mean that dodgy, illegal son of a bitch, dole scrounging, scourge of society, waste of space?

The thing is you hear there’s ‘300,000’ migrants on the radio and what everyone’s thinking, me included… (Well, apart from what a load of bollox)…. is shit the bed there’s 300,000 illegals camped on the beach at Dover.

It would help if we thought: Ah, I see the governments granted x amount of six-month study visa’s and x amount of you can spend x amount of time here doing that job they’ve got. But of course, that doesn’t make good news, and we don’t get to spout off about how they should all be chucked back into the sea to drown. It makes us feel better doing that, its simple, straight forward, and watching some little fucker drown would probably be really satisfying if you had a few tinnies and it had been a really shit day at work.

The disabled strike me as more as the same. Just like the migrants you aren’t going to hear them complain. Larry the chronically paranoid schizo is not going o be on the disabled rights march because he’s shitting himself because he thinks YOU…. the terrifying bastards outside his front door are out to get him….which…lets face it…some of them are.

Pick a group, make sure it’s a weak one with hardly any voice give it a kicking while ignoring the real problem. It’s been going on since the year dot. It doesn’t change.

Bullshit jobs.
Shit wages.
70 people owning half the world wealth.
A financial system made out of speculation and thin air.
A lifetime spent paying off the bank, so you’ve got a roof to sleep under.

There’s a few anyway. If you don’t like the migrants so much step around them.

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