No More Idols

Pick a leader any leader, they’re all attractive to someone and think about what having someone assume that responsibility means.

Leaders / bosses: it’s an attractive proposition. I’ve done it myself, like pretty much everyone else in the world I’ve let someone else do the thinking for me. I’ve let someone else think about the bigger picture that they’re supposed to know more about. I’ve had people tell me what time to get up, go to work, and what to do. Like sugar leaders get their mits in everything and its not very good for you.

People (including me when I’m being stupid and should keep my mouth shut) talk about revolution; the one I’d like to see happen is in how we think. Part of a revolution on how we think would be to realise we don’t need leaders, and bosses. think how empowering it would be if we were able to cope with our lives ourselves and through the communties we live in, however small without some parasitic bastard at the top telling us how to do things.

We have so many problems that when someone appears who seems to have the answers we latch on to them, they become the answer, they become the solution. But like anything the way to really fix the problem is from the grassroots up, and that means from within ourselves. The leader / boss is just an avoidance strategy until we inevitably realise that that person with all the answers? (or at least enough of them to be credible for the role)…well they’re just another human being.

Drive through a residential area, or along a motorway with houses built next to it..think of the lives in those houses…every…single…one. Imagine how complicated and multi-dimensional they are and then tell me that one person, ONE PERSON, can have the answer to all their needs. But still we want the leader, the man with the answers.

I do not have the answers, and certainly not all of them. In fact a lot of the answers I have weren’t thought of by me. One of those is ‘man of the hour’. In a given situation there will be someone more suited to the role of leader than the others in it. Let them be leader for the period where you need one, then get rid. The ‘man of the hour’ knows more about weapons, construction, hunting, or farming than you do so you let him play leader for a bit while you deal with it. But more importantly than that plenty of problems can be sorted by the group working together: co-operating to acheive their needs.

Of course it helps if you think that a revolution in how we think would also drastically alter the communties we’d live in. Small communites mean smaller problems..small communities of like mind. But that’s going on to something else, and I haven’t bored you by now I will.

How much better when lots of minds think together to work out the answer to their needs than relying on a leader/ boss to provide all the solutions?

– Kilmo


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