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President prepares for prolonged power outage Washington Free Beacon – MAY 13, 2017 President Trump ordered the federal government to prepare for a devastating cyber attack against America’s electric grid amid growing fears foreign states are set to carry out attacks aimed at plunging… Continue Reading “”

(Kilmo) Freemasonry’s not a threat?

When the Nazis came to power, policy towards the Freemasons was equivocal. Efforts to eliminate the Freemason did not receive top priority. Those lodges that espoused tolerance and equality and had international connections or connections through their leaders to the Social Democrats or liberal… Continue Reading “(Kilmo) Freemasonry’s not a threat?”

We’re saved.

“In October 2009, an ‘Internet Eyes’ website was announced which would pay members of the public to view CCTV camera images from their homes and report any crimes they witnessed. The site aimed to add “more eyes” to cameras which might be insufficiently monitored.… Continue Reading “We’re saved.”


We’ve built a system that runs on money. There is no point crying about it, although having a moan and a whinge is alright if you ask me: people need to let off steam. I can’t stand it, but that’s the way the world… Continue Reading “$$$$$$$$$$”

Alright, put it this way: when someone serves you food, who runs tings?

A few words on respect, and lives. (plus some thinking music)

I was talking to a friend today from way back, about squats as it goes, but what I was saying can be applied elsewhere. A lot of people think squatters are childish. They’re the people who tend to have paid rent all their lives, met… Continue Reading “A few words on respect, and lives. (plus some thinking music)”

Trump Owned Stock in The Company He Just Helped Make a Billion Overnight by Bombing Syria

Source: Trump Owned Stock in The Company He Just Helped Make a Billion Overnight by Bombing Syria

Reports of Chemical Attack Appeared Before Syrian Airstrike in Idlib – Syrian FM

Source: Reports of Chemical Attack Appeared Before Syrian Airstrike in Idlib – Syrian FM

Writing Despite Computers and Programmes

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The Inkling

Have you ever been told that you think too much? Lucky you if you have, but don't worry if you haven't, you can still read The Inkling. At The Inkling you can look forward to weekly installments of our serial "The Inklings", weekly solutions to your problems by The Spark, finding out how one lucky person went at our monthly challenge and feature articles every two months

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"You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club."--Jack London


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