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Resa Woodward

A woman with ‘Freedom’ tattoo’d on her arm who puts money where her mouth is? You are very very cool. Resa Woodward was nominated for Teacher of the Year during 11 of her 15 years teaching… Reptile Anarchism:  

I love migrants.

Got this message today. Thank you Katarzyna. Hi, Thanks for helping us update the name on your account. Your updated name will now be publicly visible on your profile and anywhere else that your name appears on Facebook. Thanks again for working with us… Continue Reading “I love migrants.”

Northern Hemisphere Potentially In Great Danger As Fukushima Radiation Spikes To ‘Unimaginable’ Levels

Worst environmental disaster in human history Radiation inside one of the damaged reactors at the Fukushima nuclear power facility has reached an “unimaginable” level according to experts. Because … Source: Northern Hemisphere Potentially In Great Danger As Fukushima Radiation Spikes To ‘Unimaginable’ Levels

Greece: Anarchist Collective Rouvikonas statement on the attack at the Turkish Consulate

Internationalism means community. It means to perceive common enemies, common friends, common comrades. An internationalist community is what we’ve always been a part of and will always be a … Source: Greece: Anarchist Collective Rouvikonas statement on the attack at the Turkish Consulate

Facebook: the ongoing battle to get my account back. The above site is the first one I’ve found really helpful when trying to contact them about a blocked account. It actually comes from the lady below’s research, more power to her, otherwise I’d never have discovered it at all. If you’re locked out it… Continue Reading “Facebook: the ongoing battle to get my account back.”

The Left. I’ve always known it.

For those of you that don’t know me. I’m an Anarchist. Imagine what the ANARCHISTS are like the filthy depraved baby eating scum. Check this geezer out anyway if you’ve got the time.

Locked out of Facebook

Taken for from … Other things to keep in mind: The name on your profile should be the name that your friends call you in everyday life. This name should also appear on an ID or document from our ID list. Nicknames can… Continue Reading “Locked out of Facebook”

Domestic helpers and prostitutes are trapped in debt bondage in Hong Kong

A Journal of People report A Hong Kong, February 1 2017 datelined Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charitable arm of Thomson Reuters, that covers humanitarian news, women’s rights, trafficking… Source: Domestic helpers and prostitutes are trapped in debt bondage in Hong Kong

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook security goons caught intimidating and threatening Hawaiians

(Natural News) Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg really ticked many Hawaiian natives off recently, when he decided to launch eight lawsuits against families who had inherited portions of his estate’s la… Source: Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook security goons caught intimidating and threatening Hawaiians

Source – – “…Theoretical physicists and astrophysicists, investigating irregularities in the cosmic microwave background (the ‘afterglow’ of the Big Bang), have found there is substantial evidence supporting a holographic explanation of the universe—in fact, as much as there is for the traditional explanation… Continue Reading “”

Writing Despite Computers and Programmes

Writing writing and more writing

The Inkling

Have you ever been told that you think too much? Lucky you if you have, but don't worry if you haven't, you can still read The Inkling. At The Inkling you can look forward to weekly installments of our serial "The Inklings", weekly solutions to your problems by The Spark, finding out how one lucky person went at our monthly challenge and feature articles every two months

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