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#NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 4 : “Astrid” — Thistle Thoughts

Astrid, your rough patch stretched for miles #NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 4 : “Astrid” — Thistle Thoughts

#NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 4 : “Astrid”

Originally posted on Thistle Thoughts:
Astrid Astrid, your rough patchstretched for miles,razor blades behindsmiles, drawn toscents and sounds,crushed oleanders,trash, expensivegifts torn toshreds, the dead,all litteringyour shaky ground Astrid, trust ishard and yoursis shattered, ashesand glass tearsscattered, butyou swallow itall, shard by shard,to digest fear…

I Give the Guns — 365tomorrows

Author: Jae Miles, Staff Writer “You have to understand. He is an exemplar of all that is godless in our society. He and his ilk will lead us down the road to perdition.” I reached out and lifted his chin with a finger. “What… Continue Reading “I Give the Guns — 365tomorrows”

Shake It Paint Jam with the Art House Project — Inspiring City

A paint jam took place over the weekend to mark the end of the Art House Projects ‘Shake It‘ exhibition. Taking place on a sunny day in the first weekend of April, 18 artists came together to paint at Allen Gardens. The exhibition featured… Continue Reading “Shake It Paint Jam with the Art House Project — Inspiring City”

Venus Flies at Night — The Used Life

Salvador Dalí, The Hallucinogenic Toreador, 1968-70 Venus flies at nightrugged-faced androgynous as a whistlea cactus breeds listens with two heads at the same time(a bit like walking without sunshine)perhaps a better woman would have squeezed the worldno. a better woman would have told you… Continue Reading “Venus Flies at Night — The Used Life”


Originally posted on future daze:
LUST Oh the innocence of pure lust… a sleek Les Paul and a stack of Marshall amps, The desire to be a rock star, Not for the sexual opportunities, But for the approval, The desire to be venerated… The…

A Poem, The Devil visits — Travis J. McRoy

I wrote this poem alongside a chapter introduction of my upcoming novel. I had just finished the chapter introduction and the character dialogue when the below poem fell into place, so I just went with the flow.I’ve added the chapter introduction and the dialogue… Continue Reading “A Poem, The Devil visits — Travis J. McRoy”


By Kilmo Edited, Chopped, Tailored, And presented, A profile just for you, My love, A digital hero, With rippling cyber muscles, And steely jaw out thrust, It took twenty shots, To get that pose, Just right, Imagine if we spoke, In person, God knows… Continue Reading “NAPOWRIMO # DAY 6: VR”

NANOPROWRIMO # DAY 5: Strange Oceans

By Kilmo Did scales form on you? Gills open on on your neck? As you learned to draw breath? In the sunlight trapped, Inside your house, Dry land’s near now, The waves shatter and shrink, Water clears, And birds fly overhead, We’ll struggle back… Continue Reading “NANOPROWRIMO # DAY 5: Strange Oceans”


By Kilmo They found Bill in the graveyard, Dancing a jig, With a cadaver, On questioning, He said, It had secrets to impart, Of buried treasure, And deals to be struck, If he sold his worldly goods, And fed the motor on which, The… Continue Reading “Piracy: NANOPROWRIMO # DAY 4”

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