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Facebook and Email

So now after figuring out how to get to the ‘Submit a Complaint’ page again it turns out the email I use for my account has become invalid. I’ve checked with my old email: that no longer works either, although I expected that since its not the one designated for my account. I’m still blocked from accessing my page.

I use a shortened variation of my last name for my account. It’s the name my friends have called me for years, and according to Facebook regulations that’s supposed to be acceptible. But ey, it seems I’ve become unpopular somehow.

You might want to think about what happens to you if they decide they don’t like you either. How do you get hold of them? To complain you have to access you’re account; can’t do that – you can’t complain. There is an allegedly freephone number in America; I suppose I’ll try that.

Oh yeah, a little messge in my email account inbox:

‘Upgrading will ensure your account is not disabled, and will increase your quota to the levels you are using.
A Disabled account will REJECT all incoming email.’

Looks like my email’s about to be cut as well.




You might be thinking why I called the blog 6mirror6? Well, I dunno maybe you aren’t, but I’m going to tell you anyway. Shakespeare said, ‘Art holds a mirror to nature’. Yep, I know what I’ve written about the Mystic wood, and you’re welcome to argue with me, but as far as I’m concerned he was talking about the way the world works. Mirrors show you what’s there, but if you’re looking at something and you can’t see it; does that mean its back to front? Or, is it because mirrors are tricksy like that. They aren’t lying; they show you what’s there.

Having said that there’s a lot of different mirrors aren’t there? Old ones: with age spots and imperfections, ones with cracks, youthful and idealistic mirrors; all sorts really, even carnival mirrors. Best be careful of those mirrors.



If I were writing a story with me in it; we might be going into the dank, spikey, incredibly uncomfortable woods that are strangely beautiful. Where we’re not going is….

Into the Mystic, Enchanted Wood.

Well…it might be dark news, but at least you’re not going to moan at me because there’s no bloody pixies and ikkle ikkle fairies flying around.

On Point

Source – – “…To the extent that they can see, cognitive dissonance kicks in to squash the uncomfortable information in order to keep the comfortable world view in tact. Indeed, the all too typical cognitive error of “It’s just the way things are,” gets them off the hook for having to do any real […]

via MIND GAMES: The Psychology of Soft Slavery – By Gary Z. McGee — RIELPOLITIK


That moment when they send you a letter saying your overdraft is about to be cancelled. Problems me? You must be kidding.