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I felt so small once,

And I still do,

Like sand under the wheel of God’s eye,

Although I don’t believe in him,


Still the gaps in life hurt,

For all they mean nothing,

Like a record filled with grooves,

Better left unsaid,


Relax, let your guard down,

You’re faster that way,

The only war left to win,

Is getting over yourself.


One More Time


Catastrophy spins,

A storm,

Of wires,


And knock kneed thimbles.


   The Quartz Watch

It’s quiet on the frontier,

In the still cold heart of night,

Where the void has lost its stars,

Like feathers ripped from ice,


Fire has burnt across the skies,

Given birth,

And died,

On the cusp of a wave,


But the obelisk still stands,

Black memory to the march,

Of wheeling nebulae,

And the bitter beat of life,


The battles,

Hidden in its maps,


And lost.



Where are you going?

With your head in the clouds,

Dreaming of heaven,

Stop a while and talk,

Are you trying to catch a star?

Did you get your fingers burnt?

Poor you,

Don’t you think it’s time to live a little?

Take a chance,

And we’ll see what happens,

Or maybe not,

Maybe it will sizzle,

Like love so often does,

Drowned in snow,

And fists,

And rainy days,

But I have magic,

In every hidden fingertip,

I’ll make you burn,

For a  lifetime,

Let your  shoulders down,

Little man,

Don’t squander what you’ve left,

Whilst you play stubborn games with life,

The world’s for love and laughter,

Open your eyes,

Before it’s too late,

Times like quicksilver,

Wait too long and you’ll have mercury.



There are contours of knowledge,

A net that stretches across the earth,

That punches walls into rubble,

And lights sparks in the dust.



Hard to smile sometimes,

Harder than you think,

Like a gift that can be broken

Or stretched so thin,

It snaps,


Lost it did you?

I did too,

Couldn’t find it,

No matter how hard I looked,

Maybe somewhere in the past,


Or slipped between,

The gaps and tomorrow,

I forgot,

I forget,

Only it was cold,

Like you never want to know,


It comes back.


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